Kotipellon puutarhA

Finnish handicrafts since 1997.

Our story

Kotipellon puutarha’s story began in 1997, when Pirjo and Tapio Mönkkönen started growing greenhouse cucumbers on the farm. In 2009, our company made a change of direction and through edible salads switched to being a producer of cresses and edible flowers. This is how the Mimis product family was born. Today, our company is looking to the future with a new generation leading the company, with the support of its founders.

Our values

Organically produced

Grown by handicraft

Full of flavour

Quality at the center

High quality and a premium finish are the basis of our work at Kotipellon puutarha. We collect and pack all our Mimis products by hand, which means that each box always contains only the best part of the crop. Clean water, high-quality domestic peat and professional production guarantee that our products are always safe, clean and 100 % Finnish. Kotipellon puutarha is an IP Vegetables Basic Certified quality garden, which has been awarded several prestigious awards in the garden and food industries.

The Mimis brand is highly regarded and well-known in the industry. High-quality Mimis cresses are especially known for their rich flavors and good shelf life. Mimis flowers, on the other hand, decorate more and more food portions, cocktails and bakery products. Today, there are more than 100 different varieties in production and they are widely available from HoReCa wholesalers throughout Finland. The garden exports to the whole of Scandinavia. We are proud to say that numerous Michelin restaurants, national chef teams and Bocuse d’Or teams in Finland and around the world use Mimis products.

We cherish our environment

Environmental issues are very important to us. In all our activities, we strive not to burden nature and the environment.

Our new and modern garden is located in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland. To heat our garden, we use oat husk, a by-product of the bakery industry, which we burn in our own bioburner. In the irrigation of plants, we use a closed water circulation, where we utilize the spring water of our own farm and purified collected rainwater. This minimizes water consumption.

Our packaging boxes are made of 100 % recycled plastic and the boxes are also 100 % recyclable. We are constantly looking for and developing new, increasingly ecological solutions that also have a long-term positive impact on our customers’ operations.

About us

Kotipellon puutarha is a family business where everyone has an important role to play. As everything in the garden is done by hand, from sowing to packing, the company is happy to employ more than 20 people in addition to its family members. Our motivated and professional staff does their job with a big heart, and they are a key component of our success.

Our team


Niko Honkanen

Entrepreneur and sales

Sanna Aamuharju

Entrepreneur and marketing

Pirjo Mönkkönen

Entrepreneur and gardener

Tapio Mönkkönen

Entrepreneur and maintenance

Karri Helin

Logistics director
Natalia L

Nataliia Lavytska


Ivan Shramchenko


Violetta Puzanova

Alona S

Alona Shramchenko


Johanna Helin

Cultivation gardener
Natalia Z

Natalia Zaichuk


Gheorghe Gorgos


Stanislav Vlasenca


Veronica Vlasenca

Dry goods
Alona K

Olena Kurylenko

Natalia S

Nataliia Stefanko


Hennadii Stefanko


Jyri Aerikkala