In our selection you will find fresh cresses and cress mixes, tasty herbs and beautiful edible flowers.

Grown with love

In the high-quality products of Kotipellon puutarha, the most important things for us are taste and beautiful appearance.

We collect and pack all our Mimis products by hand, which means that each box always contains only the best part of the crop.

Clean water, high-quality domestic peat and professional production guarantee that our products are always safe, clean and 100 % Finnish.

Customer centricity is a matter of honor for us: if our customers have any wishes regarding our selection, we are happy to hear about them and develop the selection together with our customers.

Restaurant products

You can find our products in practically all Finnish wholesalers with whom we work closely. Practically our entire product range is available through your wholesaler, and your orders are delivered to you tailor-made.

Our consumer products

You will find delicious Mimis products in well-stocked grocery stores!

Ecological choices

Environmental issues are very important to us. In all our actions, we strive not to burden nature and the environment. We make sustainable choices throughout the entire production process, from the irrigation system to the packaging materials of the products.